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  • PT. Berau Coal mengucapkan banyak terima kasih untuk kerjasama yang baik dari JIMC dalam penyelenggaraan peratihan IMSBC Code yang berlangsung tgl 25-27...

    Martina Raina, HRD Berau Coal
  • It was an enriching and an eyeopener conference for the Malaysian delegation. We would be looking forward to establish a Chapter in Kuala Lumpur via the...

    Malaysian Delegates
  • Thank you for a great conference

    Peter Pope – Maritime Solutions
 Brisbane Australia

Regular training

  • IMDG Code Training
  • Shipping business
  • Coal Handling & Shipment
  • Petroleum Loading Master
  • Coal Loading Master
  • Palm Oil Survey
  • Maritime English
  • Draft Survey
  • IMSBC code training
  • Ship broking and Chartering
  • Marine Insurance
  • Cargo loss prevention